Saturday, 30 June 2007

Cedric Titcombe

Born and educated in Gloucester, Cedric has taught art locally and exhibited his work nationally. He has organised a community screen print workshop in the city, co-founded Hedgehog Equipment, a small business making and supplying carding tools for craft workers. He has been a bicycle mechanic and lead-mine operative, book and magazine illustrator and carver of stone.

'I am motivated by myth - by the relationship between animals and ourselves- I want to hint at things that may be unknowable - that may have happened in the past that can only be apprehended by the imagination - by the intuitive capturing of the flavour of the supposed land of our collective past - informed by literature and folk reminiscence - from awe and fear of what would happen if those gods who had the souls of those we ate in their keeping were not placated to the waste and transitory unconcern of the cardboard eaters of our present unthinking, worried and unconnected days.'

Gloucester histories

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Paul Titcombe

College student Paul Titcombe has scooped a prize for his design, seen by visitors to the BBC Gardeners World Live exhibition at the NEC.
Paul aged 43, from Byfield, Northamptonshire who has just finished the second year of his three-year part-time foundation degree in garden and landscape design, won the Royal Horticultural Society silver gilt medal.
He is already running his own business and is working with several clients.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Brent Titcomb

Singer-songwriter, guitarist, percussionist, actor, born Vancouver Canada 10th August 1940. He began his career in Vancouver in 1963, combining traditional folk material with the flair for comedy that has remained an integral element of his performances. He was a founder member of Three's A Crowd, then pursued a solo career as a folk singer, appearing in clubs and at festivals in Canada the USA.

His early songs, which date from the late 1960s, include 'Sing High, Sing Low' and 'I Wish the Very Best for You,' both recorded by Anne Murray, the former a country music hit in 1971. His songs have also been recorded by Murray with Glen Campbell 'Bring Back the Love', Ed Bruce, Lyn Dee, Tommy Graham, Bill Hughes, and Karen Jones. Titcomb himself has made the contemporary folk LP May All Beings Be Happy (1977, Manohar MR 100) and the pop album Time Traveller (1982, Stony Plain 1039) and has sung and/or played (percussion, harmonica, guitar) on albums by Murray , John Allan Cameron, Bruce Cockburn, George Hamilton IV, Noel Harrison, and Gene MacLellan.

Titcomb began work in the mid-1970s as an actor in radio and TV dramas and commercials, and has also recorded voice-overs for commercials and 'The Care Bears'. In 1989 he invented the character Bumble Bill for a children's concert series at Roy Thomson Hall. His interest in the voice has led him, as of the early 1980s, to offer workshops in 'toning' [the therapeutic use of the voice for the purpose of self-healing].
Brent Titcomb Biography

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Liam Titcomb

Liam Titcomb's new record will be in stores across CANADA tomorrow... notable stores such as Sunrise and HMV as well as other fine establishments...

He is trying to boost his 'Soundscan' numbers (they keep track of the sales numbers), so if you were planning on buying the record BUY IT TOMORROW PLEASE!! so we can boost the sales numbers!
More details here

Monday, 4 June 2007

Alfred Titcomb

A photo of Alfred Titcomb (Tichcombe) from Leamington Spa Warwickshire England, shows him playing his Flutina.

Alfred Tichcombe's name engraved on the instrument.