Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Louisa Titcomb, of Stroudwater

Louisa Titcomb, of Stroudwater, Maine, was only one of at least 14 women from Maine who volunteered to work as a nurse at the Naval School Hospital in Annapolis. She worked there from August 1863 until May 1865, The hospital, appeared on stationary she sent Rebecca Usher in April of 1864. While at the Naval School Hospital, she became editor of the hospital's newspaper, "The Crutch," which was created to keep hospitalized soldiers informed of events.
Taken from "Uncounted Forces: Maine Women in the Civil War" blog.

1815 DEED Stephen Titcomb

1815 DEED Stephen Titcomb of Wells MAINE Goodwin currently on ebay.

Stephen Titcomb to Benjamin Titcomb of Wells. "one undivided half of a certain tract or parcel of salt marsh, laving on the west side of Mousone River, in said Wells; containing five acres more or less; as will appear by John coles deed to the said Stephen dated the 9th day of Septemer 1771."
Signed by Thomas Durrell, James Clark & Jeremiah Goodwin - register of deeds (as well as Stephen Titcomb)

Monday, 21 March 2011

New website for Andy Titcomb

Visit Andy Titcomb's new ceramics website.