Monday, 22 March 2010

Nolan & Jessica Titcomb's wedding

Lizzie Titcomb

Lovely photo of Lizzie Titcomb, born December 21, 1846 in Bermondsey, London, England. She married George Winterbourne in 1867.
She and her brothers Mark Titcomb [born in 1835 in Hackney] and Edwin Titcomb [born in 1844 at St. John, Southwark] emigrated to the United States in 1870.
They were the children of William Titcomb and Ann Belcher of Uffington England.
Lizzie's brothers, Edwin and Mark both had farms in Kansas after emigrating to the U.S. Mark died in 1880; Edwin in 1920 in Colorado.
Thanks to William for the photo and details.