Thursday, 17 July 2008

General Jonathan Titcomb

Spotted on eBay a letter from JOHNATHAN TITCOMB (1728 – 1817). General Titcomb writes concerning a request for a brigade change: "May it please your Excellency and honors to take into consideration the propriety of dividing the first regiment in the 2d Brigade of the Division of Essex by setting off the towns of Salisbury and Almsbury therefrom to form a regiment by themselves. It is the general wish of the officers and others the inhabitants of Salisbury and Almsbury to be set off and divided as aforesaid, and from their local situation it is fully my opinion of the best and that it will conduce to the good of the Division which I have the honour to Command that the Regiment be divided accordingly…." Signed by Titcomb.
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Friday, 11 July 2008

Titcomb land Documents

Jim has a collection of legal land documents pertaining to a parcel of land in Rowley, Mass, owned, over time, by Titcombs, as well as other prominent Essex County families. There are deeds, mortgages, quitclaim deeds, personal letters, etc. The earliest deed dates to 1858, from Samuel Dummer (of Gov. Dummer family?) to Jacob Smith. Other family names involved in this parcel are Moody, Pingree ( a famous Maine landowning family name?), Towne, Cressey, an 1892 Partial Release of Mortgage from Calvin R. Titcomb to Benjamin E. Towne, Monson, an 1892 Mortgage from Benjamin Towne to Calvin R. Titcomb, a 1911 Quitclaim Deed from Benjamin and Leonora Towne to Hubert S. Titcomb, Sidney Perley ( the publisher of the Essex Antiquarian), Perkins, Sprague, an 1891 Administrator's Inventory for Albert Titcomb, a 1901 Warranty Deed from Benjamin Towne to Hubert S. Titcomb, a 1911 Discharge of Mortgage from Mary F. Titcomb to Benjamin Towne, Ilsley (Newbury fruit and produce dealer), de Rochemont, and a 1911 personal letter from Mary F. Titcomb, Rowley (wife of Calvin R. Titcomb) to Hubert S. Titcomb, Newburyport. I know there is a Titcomb St. in Newburyport. The Rowley property is partially described as being upland and salt marsh, with the Newburyport Turnpike, Ox Pasture Creek and the Rowley River as some of the describing boundary features.
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Sunday, 6 July 2008

William H. Titcomb 1824-1888

Portrait of New Hampshire painter William H. Titcomb (1824-1888)
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and one of his paintings titled "New England Farmhouse in Winter"
From the Askart website.