Saturday, 20 June 2009

Charles H. Titcomb

Great-grandparents of John Ellis Titcomb were Charles H. Titcomb (b. approx. 1829; d. 3 June 1863) and Theodate (née Pike) Titcomb (b. June 1838; d. 20 January 1917)
Can anyone help Trace to find Charles H. Titcomb's parents, he was born in Massachusetts USA?

George Edgar Titcomb

George Edgar Titcomb (b. 24 August 1864) and Anna (née
Hesse) Titcomb (b. 30 March 1886)
Grand parents of John Ellis Titcomb.

John Hesse Titcomb

John Hesse Titcomb (b. 21 March 1894; d. 28 April 1985) with his son John Ellis. John Hesse Titcomb's wife was Mary (née Ellis) Titcomb (disappeared!, born approx. 1909)

Happy 80th Birthday John!

John Ellis Titcomb (b. 20 June 1929) in Montclair, New Jersey USA

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Titcomb and Merrill Family Bible Records

Titcomb and Merrill Family Bible Records
A Century of Births, Marriages and Deaths for Two Old Maine Surnames
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