Monday, 31 October 2011

reflected wave

reflected wave by Andy Titcomb
reflected wave, a photo by Andy Titcomb on Flickr.

A photograph taken by Andy Titcomb won first prize in the Olympus Europe's photo competition "Puddle Reflections"

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nellie Bixby Titcomb

Photograph of Nellie Bixby Titcomb from the Farmington, Maine, area USA on ebay

Elinor and Alzaleen Titcomb

Elinor and Alzaleen Titcomb from Farmington Maine USA.
Photographs on eBay

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mr and Mrs Hunt Titcombe

c1905: Back of the old Crown Inn, Blunsdon (Postcard)

Mr and Mrs Hunt Titcombe senior, Jesse Ball (seated), Mr William Hunt Titcombe, David Vincent (standing) and two boys.

Source: Scan of an original postcard.
Image: RSR175.
Date: c1905.

Olive Titcomb Pote

This small circa 1850 portrait of Olive Titcomb Pote has retained its charm despite the underlying wood panel wearing through. She was born into one and married into another sea-going family from Falmouth, Maine that were shuffled by the hand of Death for three generations.
Her father died of yellow fever in Havana in 1854, while master of a brig, the Montrose. In the same year a younger brother shipped for Le Havre, but vessel and crew were never heard from again. Olive died in childbirth in 1862, age 36. Her widower, Capt. Samuel, re-married the widow of her lost younger brother.
See Notes From the Orlop for more details

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Rupert E Titcomb

titcomb_rupert_e by familyhistory1
titcomb_rupert_e, a photo by familyhistory1 on Flickr.

Occupation machine man loco and carriage Swindon

Titcomb Field - Malabang, Mindinao - Elevation 27 Feet

Titcomb Airfield sign, 1945 Titcomb Field - Malabang, Mindinao