Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Clarence Titcombe

90 year old Clarence Titcombe, is an accomplished wood engraver, printmaker, and painter currently residing with his wife Alma, just outside of Sunderland, Ontario Canada.
He began his life in Egbe, Northern Nigeria, West Africa, where he was born to missionary parents. His parents were British-Canadian pioneers, and the first missionaries to travel into the present day Kogi State in 1908. Clarence’s mother received a citation from King George V for her work with orphans, and his father’s ground breaking work is still honoured today by a school that bears his family name, Titcombe College Egbe. A book has been written about this remarkable man’s work entitled, Tread Upon The Lion: The Story of Tommy Titcombe by Sophie de la Haye.
Biography of Clarence Titcomb.