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Cannonball Titcomb

Ledell Titcomb born 21st August 1866 in West Baldwin, Maine USA. Died 8th June 1950 in Kingston, New Hampshire he was a Major League Baseball player and played for several teams in the National League and American Association.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Titcomb reunion

Titcomb reunion at Mrs Leila T.Belcher's The Ledge, Clearwater Lake, Maine, USA August 26th 1930. Can you recognise anyone?

Thanks to Rebecca in San Francisco California for identifying John (Jack) Titcomb, Andrew (Bud) Titcomb and her great-grandfather Harold Abbott Titcomb.They are all descended from William Titcomb of Newbury, Mass.

La Belle Titcomb

La Belle Titcomb Paris 1908
Does anyone know more about her?

Edward Titcomb

John Titcomb.[my 4 x great grandfather] married Ruth James 12th July 1762 in Holy Cross Chiseldon England.
Richard Titcomb, b. 1763 in Ogbourne St. George, Wiltshire, bap. 30th January 1763 died. 17th July 1763 in Ogbourne St. George.
Edward Titcomb b. Ogbourne St. George, Wiltshire, bap.21st October 1764 died 12th August Lowfield Farm, Tetbury Gloucestershire.[my 3x great grandfather]
John Titcomb, b. 1769 in Ogbourne St. George, Wiltshire, bap. 19th February 1769 in St. George's, Ogbourne St. George.
Jenny Titcomb, b. 1771 in Ogbourne St. George, Wiltshire, bap. 17th March 1771 in St. George's, Ogbourne St. George.
Photo shows St. George's Church, Ogbourne St. George.

William Titcomb

On 24 March 1633/4 he took the Oath of Supremacy and Allegiance at Southampton, England, "to pass for New England in the Mary and John of London, Robert Sayres, master." The majority of his fellow passengers were from Wiltshire and Hampshire. Included in the group were three Puritan parsons, Mr. Thomas Parker, Mr. James Noyes and Mr. John Woodbridge. William Titcomb was one of six who were left behind "to oversee the Chattle (cattle) to pass in the Hercules," John Kiddey, master, which embarked from Southampton on 16 April 1634 Both ships arrived at Boston, New England, in May or early June, 1634, and most of the company went to Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. From there, a year later, they moved a few miles up the coast and founded the village which was to become the town of Newbury.
The name of William Titcomb is in the list of original proprietors who had grants of eighty acres or less. In 1670, the town granted to "William Titcomb and Amos Stickney the little pine swamp, to be their property, with skirts of the common, provided they make and maintain a sufficient fence about the hole for the safety of the cattle from time to time." The pine swamp is the tract of land on the south side of Oak Hill cemetery, and was, it appears, surrounded by the common.
William Titcomb's will, dated 18 September 1676, was probated at Ipswich eight days later. He gave to his eldest daughters, Sarah and Mary, twenty shillings each as they had received their portions during his lifetime' to daughter Elizabeth Bartlett ten pounds she having received part of her portion during his lifetime; to sons Benaiah, William, Thomas and John, and to his other four daughters, Rebecca, Tirzah, Lydia and Anne, twenty pounds each to be paid within one year after his decease to as many as shall be of age, but sons under twenty-one and daughters under eighteen years of age are not to receive their portions until they are of age; to his wife the thirds of his lands and housing during her natural life, then to return to his heir; son Penual to be his heir and executor; in case his heir should die without children, all of his land and housing to be posessed and enjoyed by his son Benaiah. Witnesses: Richard Bartlett, Thomas Bartlett. An inventory was taken on 26 September 1676 by Anthony Somerby, John Bartlett, Sr., Samuel Plumer, Sr., and Richard Bartlett, Sr. His clothing was valued at £10, his housing and lands at £420. There were the usual farm implements, cattle, and furniture. The inventory totalled £829

USA Titcomb family origins

William Titcomb was born in August 1620 in Ogbourne St.George, Wiltshire, England.
Died 24th September 1676 in Newbury, Essex, MA. He emigrated to New England 16th April 1634 aboard the ship Hercules.
He married Elizabeth Bitfield 3rd March 1653/1654 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
They had the following children:

Elizabeth Titcomb born 12th December 1654. She died 26 August 1690.
Rebecca Titcomb born 1st April 1656 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
Tirzah Titcomb born 21st February 1657/1658.
William Titcomb born 14th August 1659.
Thomas Titcomb born 11th October 1661.
Lydia Titcomb born 13th June 1663 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
John Titcomb born 11th Septemer 1664 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
Ann Titcomb born 7th July 1666.

The Titcomb family crest?

Variations of the name

Tidcombe, Tidcome, Tidcom, Titcombe, Titcome, Titcum, Tidcum, Tidcumbe, Titcumbe, Titchcume, Titchcombe, Titchcumb, Titchcomb, Tichcomb and many more!

Titcomb origins

Andrews’ and Dury’s Map of Wiltshire, 1773
We are all likely to be descended from early inhabitants of the village of Titcombe in Wiltshire, England [now called Tidcombe]