Tuesday, 21 August 2007

John Titcomb

John Titcomb (64) was shaken awake by wife Gillian (63) after their smoke alarm began screeching at 5.30am on Sunday.
The couple rushed to get their son and a workmate, who had stayed over after a night on the town, outside then John went back inside to battle the flames.
He tried to carry the burning chip pan out of the house, but slipped inside the front door and boiling oil covered his leg, hands and back.
The blaze at the Titcombs' home was the third house fire in the Lynn area over the weekend and has led fire officers to renew warnings about the use of chip pans.
Mr and Mrs Titcomb said son Paul (36) put the chip pan on, but was still sleepy and did not keep a watch on it.

Photo shows burned and bandaged John Titcomb with wife, Gillian, in their fire-damaged kitchen. Photograph by ALAN MILLER
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