Thursday, 24 September 2009

Stephen Titcomb

Stephen Titcomb was instrumental in the settlement of the Sandy River Valley and the establishment of Farmington as a town. The History of Wells and Kennebunk, printed in 1875, documents Stephen Titcomb, Jr.’s birth to Stephen Titcomb, Sr. and Abigail Stone on October 3, 1752. The elder Stephen Titcomb had come to Kennebunk from Newburyport, MA. He operated a wood mill in Arundel and actively supported the colonists in the Revolution. This was Stephen Titcomb’s heritage as he prepared to establish a home in the wilderness in 1776.
Many artifacts believed to have belonged to Stephen Titcomb have been donated to the Farmington Historical Society by his descendants.
Read the full article by Cindy Stevens, avid historian, member of Farmington Historical Society, second grade teacher at Mallett School
With images from Farmington Historical Society.

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