Sunday, 1 May 2011

John Titcomb

John Titcomb was born about 1830 in the small hamlet of Westcott at the foot of the Downs in northwest Berkshire. Little is known of his early life, but it is likely that he came from a family of shepherds. Indeed, at the age of 26 when he married, he was employed as a shepherd. It was on 11th August 1856 that John married Hannah Reade, a young woman from the village of Watchfield. Throughout their married life, they lived in a small cottage outside Watchfield, just above West Mill. John worked as a shepherd and agricultural labourer, while it seems that Hannah spent most of her life giving birth and bringing up children. The couple had seventeen children over a period of 25 years - Charles, Elizabeth Anne, John, Joseph, James, Martha Jane, Martha Rebecca, Mary Jane, Thomas, Amy, David, Albert, Walter, George and Edwin.
More details of John Titcomb's family.

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