Monday, 21 May 2007

USA Titcomb family origins

William Titcomb was born in August 1620 in Ogbourne St.George, Wiltshire, England.
Died 24th September 1676 in Newbury, Essex, MA. He emigrated to New England 16th April 1634 aboard the ship Hercules.
He married Elizabeth Bitfield 3rd March 1653/1654 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
They had the following children:

Elizabeth Titcomb born 12th December 1654. She died 26 August 1690.
Rebecca Titcomb born 1st April 1656 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
Tirzah Titcomb born 21st February 1657/1658.
William Titcomb born 14th August 1659.
Thomas Titcomb born 11th October 1661.
Lydia Titcomb born 13th June 1663 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
John Titcomb born 11th Septemer 1664 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
Ann Titcomb born 7th July 1666.

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