Friday, 25 January 2008

Titcomb Covered Bridge

The Titcomb or Stoughton Covered Bridge is a 48 foot long Multiple Kingpost Truss . It carries a foot trail on a farm over the Schoolhouse Brook in Perkinsville Windsor County and was built in about 1880.
Does anyone know which "Titcomb" it was named after?
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Kuulei said...

TITCOMB Bridge, privately owned was built in 1880 by Henry & James Tasker E. off Rt. 106. It is of the multiple kingpost type, 46.6 feet long. Originally the Stoughton Bridge, it was removed in 1959 and restored in 1963 by Andrew A. Titcomb, the present owner.

Andrea Titcomb Iannelli said...

The bridge was moved there to prevent it from being destroyed when the Army Corps of Engineers was building a flood dam in the area. Andrew Titcomb was the son of Harold and Ethel Titcomb of Farmington, ME, and he was a descendant of Stephen Titcomb, the founder of Farmington, ME. The Titcomb family still lives on the property.